How necessary is domain privacy

Security is important to domain owners. For example, they want to get Whois privacy protection.

But is it necessary?

Why you need Whois privacy protection

The moment you buy a domain, ICANN requires that you give your personal details. The details will become public.

This where privacy protection comes in. You want to hide your personal information.

1. Personal Data Protection.

The common problem of our society is identity theft. According to this article, there two American victims every 2 second.

Imagine how severe the problem is.

Now if you publish your information online, what will happen?

You may encounter problems if you don’t protect your data.

2. Protect yourself from Marketers.

like number 1, marketers can contact you and they will sell you anything.

You contact information is very valuable to them.

These scammers will send expiring notice to your email.

When you click the link, they can hack your account.

Domain registrar free privacy

3. Hide your email address

New domain owners don’t know anything about domain protection.

They will buy a domain name tied to their main email.

They use their email with their Facebook.

Do you know what will happen if you do this?

Within 2 seconds, scammers can get your identity immediately.

So to save yourself from trouble please free privacy protection.

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